Forum Makes It Easy, Helping You Understand And Use Your Benefits.

We believe that when you’re an employee who’s better informed, you’re able to make better decisions about health care. The reward is better health and more savings. So when you have questions, we’ll be here to provide answers. Online or on the phone, we can help you choose a health care provider, consult about a procedure or find a
prescription at the best cost.

Every employee has a dedicated Client Service Advocate who will act as a teacher, an advisor and a health care advocate for you and your family. Your Client Service Advocate deals directly with insurance companies, health care providers and pharmacies, working to lower costs and safeguard your wellbeing.

"With all the HR issues I deal with on a daily basis, it is a pleasure to know that I have the team at Forum on my side reducing my work load in an ever-changing industry."

-- HR Manager