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At Forum we focus on four main areas, including:

Cost Containment

We work to lower your costs with innovative plan design, strategies funding and ana-lytics. Forum will evaluate the best-in-class providers and make recommendations based on your specific requirements. We’ll compare fully insured plans to self-funding and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each. Additional services that con-tribute to cost compliance include data analytics and reporting, benchmarking benefits trends kneading the renewal process to ensure smooth transition.


Leave compliance and legal aspects of employee benefits to us so you can focus on what you do best. Forum will review all materials related to medical coverage, em-ployee handbooks and other employee communications for legal compliance, appro-priateness and consistency. We’ll advise on regulatory compliance requirements and required legal filings, and we’ll recommended strategies to implant any ACA plan revisions.

Employee Advocacy

The better your employees understand their health care, the better their decision mak-ing, which impacts their health and your bottom line. Forum will be here to answer all employee questions, and will act as teacher, advisor and health care advocate for em-ployees and their families. An engaged employee who enjoys a true advocate working on their behalf will prove more efficient and more productive.


We make access to information easy for employees and employers by putting easy-to-use technology at their fingertips. Employers can access benefit administration portals which contain for benefits information and data. Employees can access both mobile apps and benefits portals for access to benefits and information.